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Our Music Style

The music of ("Adult Alternative Pop/Rock") is sufficiently easy-listening to appeal to a wide audience, but it isn't mainstream. An amalgam of style elements treats listeners to a welcome change from ordinary music fare. The title of the debut album "More Than Meets The Eye" accurately reflects this condition: There is more (to see and hear) than you may think at first sight or hearing. uses pleasant melodies and “alternative” style elements to captivate its audiences’ ears and hearts.

Annie Kay's expressive voice and her vocal arrangements are central to the band's sound that runs the gamut from upbeat and easy-going to pensive and mysterious. The songs demand to be heard from beginning to end, the vocal line weaving through each song like a thread stitching together and sustaining a vibrant musical patchwork quilt.

Brand new full length demo recordings:

- Brighter And Better

- Walk With Me

- Tug of War (live)

Listen to the songs from "More Than Meets The Eye" >>

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