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Martin Bratl

Martin Bratl

Martin first saw the light of day on February 16 in Graz, Austria. Born into a musical family, he contends that his music life began the day he was born, or perhaps even earlier. His formal music education began with piano lessons during his time at elementary school in his hometown of Graz. Soon thereafter he added drums to his musical repertoire, which he has been playing with a passion ever since.

Throughout the years, our drummer's journey of musical training has led him through the hands of a variety of teachers and formal training settings, including private coach Karl-Heinz Halek, Josef Hirzberger of MS Passail, Kurt Gober of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, secondary school teacher Friedrich Rappold, and private coach Mario Stübler. Martin currently studies musicology in Vienna.

In terms of previous affiliations, Martin has lent his abilities to a wide range of musical formations, including dance music band Die Heilbrunner, cover band Wild Flowers, pop band Thomas Bloder, the music academy's percussion ensemble under the tutelage of Kurt Gober, the Heilbrunn Music Association, and the Guards Music Vienna.

Martin is driven by a general love for all things music. As a result he forays into eclectic music styles with enthusiasm and dedication, exploring multiple instruments, singing, songwriting, and experimenting whenever he gets the chance.

Since April 2014, he has been the giver of good groove at

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