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Christina Kaufmann

Christina Kaufmann

Born on April 22 in Vorarlberg, Austria, Christina began learning the flute at the age of 8 (for 2 years), switching to clarinet later (for 4 years). At the age of 10 she learned some guitar and finally found the instrument of her preference at the age of 12: drums. She was coached by Mahdi Miller at the Wolfurt Music School for 3 years. After this time she worked with private instructor Alfred Vogel, going on to study classic drumming at the Conservatory of Feldkirch thereafter. In 1999, Christina moved to Vienna to study jazz drums with Christian Mühlbacher at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory. In 2006, Christina felt it was time for a change and moved on to yet another musical instrument: the bass.

Christina Kaufmann worked with a number of bands in the Free Music Project in Wolfurt, including R.I.P. and Gershwin 79, to which she contributed a number of her own originals. For a while, she also played big band, thus exploring a wide gamut of musical styles. Following this period, Christina drummed for Wunderlich, opening for Keziah Jones during her affiliation with this group, and played for various other groups thereafter, including SuperSexySwingingSounds, JAZZappeal (female jazz sextet) and Frau Neumann.

Christina joined and zapAlot as a drummer at the beginning of 2000. In 2006 she became’s bass player.

She holds a degree in educational sciences from the University of Vienna.

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